As a company, it is important to create awareness of your brand. Everyone wants to be recognized and remembered for what they do or stand for. This applies both generally and at events or fairs where you stand alongside other companies and strong brands. Through good branding, your brand can be recognized in the crowd!

Definition of branding

The definition of branding can simply be said to be the creation of an identity and characteristics associated with your company and the marketing that is done. Branding involves working with reputation and controlling how you want to be perceived. Both organizations, products, or locations can be branded.

To create a brand, it is important that the company as a whole has a clear idea of what they stand for and how they want to brand themselves. This must then permeate both internal and external communication. It is important that the brand is reflected in the work that is done and that it is consistent for the company’s appearance in all situations. In addition, it must be presented to the public in a smart way. This is how you will be recognized as you want!

Advantages of good branding

Nothing is more recognizable than a strong brand. The big brands have such a well-developed profile that they are recognized just by looking at the logo. By investing time and resources to create a good brand, you will be more easily recognized by your target audience. When you have events or are on a stand, it will be easier for the public to understand who you are and what you offer. People also often choose products and services from companies they know from before.

When you create a holistic brand that the employees in the company also recognize themselves in, it can also strengthen cohesion internally in your company. It’s as if the employees get a clear common identity and goal for how they should appear through their work.

How can you brand yourself?

    • Clear and simple message

The most important thing in place to work with profiling is that your company has a clear and easily understandable message. Find a common denominator and something that is important for everyone in the company and that describes what you offer. To establish this, you can start with what you sell or the service you offer, the price level you set or how the employees present themselves. Simply showcasing their “unique selling points” in branding will attract the interest of the public and distinguish you from competitors.

  • Colors and design

Another important aspect of profiling, which is often most visible to the public, is the design profile of the company. It is the logo, the company’s colors and visual design that will be seen at events and products. Therefore, it is important that the company’s visual characteristics are easily recognizable, have a distinctive feature that says something about the company and are easy to remember.

The logo is of course an important part of the design expression, but other things like color choices, design elements and presentation of any slogans also affect how the design is perceived.

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  • Promotional items

A common way to work with branding, especially at events and on stands, is to distribute promotional items. It is an effective way to give the audience a practical item that reminds them of your company. Everyone probably has a pen with the logo of a hotel or a drink bottle from an event. Products with the company’s design and logo create a whole for the brand both externally and internally. You should choose products that are in line with the brand. Giving out sugary drops as a promotional item is perhaps not so tactful if you are promoting a gym. Then towels or drink bottles are more natural.

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In short, good profiling of your company is important regardless of which surfaces you want to be visible on. Consistent design and a good message create the foundation, and this should be shown to the public on as many relevant surfaces as possible. This also applies when participating in an event. Use promotional items to be visible and get the audience to remember you!

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