What are the walls made of?

They are made of 3mm pressed wood (known as MDF).

What are the dimensions of the walls?

Dimensions of plates:
Height 243.6 cm.
Width 97.6 cm.

Visible: Height 242 cm x width 96 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 250 cm x width 100 cm.

Stand measures

What are the dimensions of the fascia boards?

Dimensions of the plate:
Height 23.5 cm.
Width 197.6 cm or 297.6 cm.

Visible: Height 21.5 x 196 cm. or 296 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 29.5 cm x width 200 cm or 300 cm.

Stand measures

What is the fascia boards?

Fascia boards is what you see when you walk into the stand and look up. There is a 25 cm high “board” in front at the top of the stand. Here you can place your company logo or other message if desired. Please contact us and we’ll give you a price.

Can we drill or screw in the walls?

No, plates are not intended to drill in. You can attach special screws in the framework between the plates. These purchased in our in information counter. Exhibitors will be billed for damaged plates.

How can we hang things on the walls?

You can use a special double-sided tape or velcro which we sell in the information booth, these will not damage the plates. If it is used another type of tape / glue that leaves sticky residue or damage the plates, the cleaning or damage will be invoiced exhibitor.

Do we have to assemble the equipment when we arrive?

Pre-ordered equipment (furniture, carpets, electricity etc.) are delivered assembled / added. You can specify placement of light, electricity, back room, shelves, etc. – please sign in and return the sketch to us.

Does the stand have power?

At most fairs / events power must be ordered and outlets with room for three connectors are delivered. Additional outlets can be ordered. Consumption is included.

Do you have to pre-order equipment, or you can order what you need at the fair?

All orders of equipment should be done by the stipulated deadline for each fair. Booking after the deadline costs 30% more. This means you can still order pretty much what you need as long as we have it in stock, but it costs 30% more. Changes can be made on orders made in advance without extra fee. For example. increase the number of orderd spotlights etc.

Do we need extra light?

On a stand that is 3 m deep, we recommend 1 spotlight pr. meter wall.
In a 3 x 3 meter stand, we recommend 3 spotlights on a rail. You can order additional spotlighting of backboard with display spots for highlighting news and products further.

How many spotlights do we need?

We recommend basically 1 spotlight pr. meter width in front of the booth.

Where can I find the exhibition address?

On the order page for each event all information for the event are found at the top of the page. Click on “View event details” button.

What kind of surface is it on the floor on the stand?

Surfaces changes from event to event, and can be of many variants. We recommend renting carpet / parquet.

What is the assembly times?

On the order page for each event are all information under button at the top of the page. Click on button “View event details”.

Can we stick foil on walls which we rent through you?

All damaged walls must be replaced, if necessary. Cleaning after tape/glue is invoiced. We can deliver printed advertising walls with your profile. Call us for pricing.